Cyprus, formally the Republic of Cyprus, is a Mediterranean island country located south of the Anatolian Peninsula in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.


A boat can be chartered as a "bare boat" without a captain (own sailing or motor license required). As the charter company will "lose" ...


A sea captain, also known as a ship's captain, captain, master, or shipmaster, is a high-ranking licensed mariner in charge of a commerce vessel. The captain is in charge of the ship's seaworthiness,


A catamaran (often referred to as a "kat") is a multihull boat with two parallel hulls of equal size.


The word "charter" is used in the marine and aviation industries as a synonym for renting, leasing or borrowing a boat or aircraft.


Our skipper will navigate you safely to the most beautiful and impressive shore regions of Cyprus. A skipper (also known as a helmsman, helmswoman, or driver) is the person in charge of a boat ...


In everyday use, the term "yacht" is usually used only when the vehicle of the vehicle is called a yacht. Below about 7 m one speaks rather a boat, above 10 m it is called a yacht.