Our skipper will navigate you safely to the most beautiful and impressive shore regions of Cyprus.

A skipper (also known as a helmsman, helmswoman, or driver) is the person in charge of a boat, watercraft, or tug, and is roughly equal to "captain in charge onboard ship." The skipper, as shipmaster or captain, has leadership of the entire crew at sea or on lakes and rivers. The skipper could or might not be the boat's owner.

The word "skipper"

The word schipper comes from the Dutch word schip, which means "ship." The letter sch- is pronounced [sx] in Dutch, and [sk] in English. For some types of craft, such as fishing boats, the term "skipper" is used more than "captain."

It's also more commonly used than captain with privately owned noncommercial or semi-commercial vessels, such as small yachts and other recreational boats, especially when the skipper isn't a licensed or professional captain, implying that the term is less formal.

A "skipper" in command of a charter vessel carrying paying passengers in the United States must be licensed by a state or the USCG. If the vessel carries more than six paying passengers, it must be a "inspected vessel," and the skipper/master must receive a higher class license based on the vessel's gross tonnage.